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MXZN gives
Athletes a
simple tool

MXZN delivers athlete video directly to broadcast, digital and social media platforms. When reporters or cameras are not available in the mixed zone, MXZN offers events, leagues and teams an intuitive way to capture high-quality content on-location.


Content distribution models are shifting to meet changing consumer habits, and new technology and new monetization models are funneling the channels of change in new and different directions.

Your vantage point, your voice

Every athlete has a story to tell. A story about their unique path to high performance. A story of idols and influential coaches, of inspirational moments, the sacrifice of family, and hours of training. A story of success and failure.

We’re making these stories more visible.

MXZN offers the only comprehensive way to automatically gather and distribute athlete video comments remotely—which is crucial in today’s changing media landscape.




MXZN brings the power of the mixed zone interview area to all athletes, not just the athletes at the top of the podium